Being in business with yourself and for yourself is not always easy.

When you are self employed, it is up to you to schedule your time wisely, each day. Diligence and routine become important to the discipline of the writer, or any other self employed person.

Below are a few helpful hints for your business, so that it might prosper and not defeat you in the process.

1. Take time today to sit down and write measurable goals for your work. e.g.
I will write a novel in three months to finish on ***date.

2. Now under your larger goal write the steps it will take you to obtain it.
a. I will make time to write at least 1000 words every day as evidenced by the word counter on my computer.
b. I will create a writing space for myself to go as evidenced by a clean desk top and a working computer, as well as coffee when needed.
c. I will exercise at least 5-10 minutes every hour when writing so as to give my mind a rest and my body some energy.

3. Once you have set this initial plan, and established the interventions it will take to get there, it is time to assess your small steps(interventions)

So, you weren’t able to get 1000 words in a day. How many words and how much time can you spend? Reevaluate and set yourself a new set of small steps to reach your goal of a novel in three months.

Just as above mentioned, evaluate all your steps every so often and readjust as needed. Never be sad when you are not perfect, just set yourself up for success one more time.

As an independent sales person I take at least one day a month to set and reassess my goals. It has helped my performance and enhanced my income. Also, life is a lot less stressful as I get more done with a plan.

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