Brocksport, USA

Welcome to Brocksport, USA

You’ll Never be Bored Here. There’s always Adventure Afoot.

Come and Join Us:Population: 450 and growing all the time. Read about us and you can become a citizen of our fine town. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this post.

Location: the beautiful shores of Lake Cavenclaw

School System: one of the very best. 4 stars as voted by the citizens of Brocksport and Lewiston.Which goes to say that all 1,560 of us are in agreement.

  • The Do-Good Elementary School
  • Might Be Good Middle School
  • Could Be Better High School

Activities: Come join in and be a member of the following:

  • First Flippin’ Church of God
  • People for the Ethical Treatment, Rescue, and Extrication of the Turkey and other caged animals
  • The Rootin’, Tootin’ Book Club–this group is serious about their writing and reading and share geat book reviews and recipes to use at your next┬ámeeting or dinner party
  • Annual Dumpling Festival–Happens every Winter, Who will be crowned this years Miss Dumpling? Come join us and find out.

Weather: Mighty Fine most of the time.

We have all the amenities, a doctor, a lawyer, a bank, post office, and even a Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

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