Janice Ernest

I am a freelance writer and author whose experience in the writing field started with WhileUWait magazine in East Texas.

Currently, I assist other writers through beta reads, critiques, and ghostwriting as well as formatting for publication, and am a virtual assistant with marketing, and publicity.

My greatest joys are found in good books, the completion of a great magazine edition, good friends, great food, and making new acquaintances. My hobbies are writing, reading, cooking, travel, magic and illusion. My belief is a smile a day will keep the doctor away.

My current writing project is Brocksport, USA a fictional town with funny, lovable people, each has a story to share. So, hope you’ll come visit Brocksport. They’ll be glad to see ya!

I look forward to connecting with you. You can find me on facebook at Jernest or on google at janiceernest1@gmail.com