Celebrate New Baby Website!

I always thought building a blog or website called for the genius of a small child or a grown child with an IPAD.  Without either, the need for a website could only be fulfilled in one way.

More and more the need was upon me. My internet clock was ticking and the world of the web was moving on without me. Somewhere out there, in the cloud, the idea first occurred, radiating down until it became a gleam in my eye. I want to have a website and blog before my internet clock stops ticking. I want to do ecommerce tonight; I want to politicize the world.

I looked at my computer, smiled provocatively and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s you and I make a website. We will call it our little blog, and with it we will take over the world. I could sense the power surge through my computer as I turned it on. The screen came to life. The touch of my fingers as they played across the keyboard was heightened by the anticipation of what we were about to do. The computer and I were about to go all the way.

We adventured to places like Fatcow and GoDaddy, searching, searching for the perfect domain name and when we found it we plunged right in and bought it, hook, line, and sinker. It was magnificent, miraculous, nothing like I had ever done before. I owned a domain, it was mine, all mine. But being a virgin in all of this what was next?

Oh yes, a trip to the doctor. Checking out all of the information on the internet I could find about building your own website; I confirmed that it was not as easy as I had thought. As a matter of fact the first trimester of building could be a painful time of stretching your mind beyond its current parameters; possibly even being nauseated with the details.

I began to call friends who were the proud parents of websites. They expressed to me how they received help and advice from small children with IPADS and high school and college students. They told me that they didn’t know how it happened. They didn’t even know they had a website until one day they turned on the computer and there it was. Their son in college, their daughter in grade school had secretly given them this highly praised gift.

I called a web guru and asked their opinion. They said for a fee, they could get me whatever kind of site I wanted. They could “genetically engineer” one for me.  Somehow this just didn’t sound kosher to me.

By the second trimester, I had discovered WordPress, and Weebly, and GoDaddy’s assistance lines. I drew pictures of my site, and then began using WordPress to put it all together. A bio page here, a contact page there.

My nausea had ceased. I felt happy, contented, even proud of the work I had done so far in putting it all together.

My appointment time came for a visit with the Web Genie.  I waited with fear and anticipation for the results of her viewing my site. “It looks great.” She said, and then she looked at me and asked, “Have you set up Akismet yet? You really want Akismet.”

Fear filled my heart, my baby, my website, was missing something. What was I to do?  She prescribed that I should utilize her easy instructions and put Akismet on my site. I went home immediately and followed her instructions and it worked.

By the third trimester, little web blog site was functioning well. I was exhausted and ready to publish it to the world.  I felt stretched tight, ready to burst at any minute.

On June 18, 2012 at 12:01 A.M. a web site was born.  I named her mywebsite.com; she was beautiful and has been growing connections ever since.

I love you baby web site and blog. You are awesome!

**Welcome to Janice Ernest.com**



  • Congratulations! Your ‘bouncing baby website’ is so cute. It has your smile and I love its name. I’m sure you will enjoy all the funny things it will come up with. Hope it won’t keep you up all night with its restlessness.

    • Janice Ernest(@JaniceErnest) on July 5, 2012 at 9:46 pm     Reply

      so far it has made very few demands and seems to sleep through the night. I am wondering if it needs a new front page. We’ll see.

  • Feeding your website as good as this will make it grow so fast! Be sure to enjoy it as it takes these first steps because it will be running circles around you before you know it! I’m going to enjoy getting to know your new website…it already has your great sense of humor 🙂 I LOVE IT!

    • Janice Ernest(@JaniceErnest) on July 5, 2012 at 9:47 pm     Reply

      It wants to expand and expand and expand and take over the world but it is still in its learning stages. Maybe in a month, it will be up and moving about, making lots of connections for it’s mama.

  • Janice ,you are a hoot!!
    Love you and good luck with all your ventures.

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