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Young, innocent, Anna Maria Minguez goes to New Orleans to seek her future as a singer and entertainer. Disregarding all of her parent’s warnings, she ends up raped, kidnapped and forced to become the sexual slave of the biggest crime lord in New Orleans, Chase Rodriguez. A story of rape, romance, redemption, and salvation. Not for the faint of heart. Contains content of a sexual and violent nature.

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Welcome to the busy town of Brocksport, USA. A small good hearted place filled with great characters, like Maynard Junebug, Night Deputy of the Brocksport Police. Come sit down with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, kick up your feet and escape to Brocksport. Let Brocksport Take You Away!

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Oh my! I see you are back to learn more about our fair township. A lot has happened since last you were here. Sit right down, grab yourself a piece of homemade, fresh from the oven apple pie and listen in. We’ll get you all caught up.



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Bye Bye Sweet Sammy

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is adequate to describe this vignette into the life of Macy Stark. Her husband has stolen money from twelve people and cheated on her with a harlot in a red dress. Macy doesn’t get angry. She gets even. Contains Violence and Language, as well as some content of a sexual nature.

The Glider

Losing a loved one can be very heartbreaking. The Glider addresses the loss of a soul mate and remembrance of the many good times in their past. It is good to remember markers in our lives and to leave a legacy after we are gone. For this man, the love he experienced in relationship with his wife is a sweet savor; and for the reader a reminder to cherish the simple moments that make up each and every day in their own life. Time in the piece is marked by the forward and backward movement of the glider on the porch, much like a clock ticks off the hours in a day. Life and love are shown to be a cycle never ending, repeating itself. I hope you will read  “The Glider” and it will bring to mind events and markers in your own life. Enjoy.Contains content of a sexual nature.