Publishing/Marketing/Virtual Assist Services

As a Publishing Mercenary, Jan Distributing LLC assists authors and others with jobs, such as:

  • Typing Letters, Resumes, Documents, Tables—–price varies
  • Critiquing their work.—-varies
  • Editing their finished work.—$4.00 – $6.00 Per double-spaced page
  • Counseling on Marketing.—$50.00 for one-hour consultation price arrangement made if need further meetings
  • Marketing Assist.—$50.00 for one-hour consultation session, price arrangement for further meetings
  • Social Media Assist.—$50.00 for one -hour consultation, $15.00/hour for continued posting and maintenance
  • Creation of Press Kits and Media Sets–$500.00
    • includes Bio, Products or Books, Logo if needed, Mission Statement, Services available, Contact information, Full Color, with 1 Generalized Press Release
  • Press Releases—$20.00 for the release, then $5.00 for the follow-up call and call ahead reminder about your meeting/interview.
  • Beta Read of final manuscript with two reviews—$50.00, you will receive two honest reviews
  • Publication of their finished written works.
    • Format—$250.00
    • Place on Amazon and Kindle $400.00, includes ISBN, Copy write, and Library of Congress Number (other companies on request with varied fee)
    • If you wish to submit to a traditional or another publisher, I can help with this. I will prepare the manuscript for publisher along with query letter, in this publishing package.— $100.00-$300.00

Jan Distributing LLC charges a fee for services rendered.

Our goal: To help YOUR business save time and increase productivity by doing those secretarial and promotional jobs needed to bring YOUR work to market.

Each of our services is charged at a different fee rate,  and a cafeteria style is used so that YOU, the client, may pick and choose the items YOU need help with and YOU may select the time when YOU need service.

1/2 payment is due up front for service rendered. This is not refundable. The last half is due on completion of the task.  It is not paid until Jan Distributing LLC receives your work order or manuscript for editing/critique/formatting. When Press Kit is begun, and then at the finish of the job. When printing package is begun and then at the finish. When formatting is begun and when finished.

We at Jan Distributing LLC would love to help YOU with your publishing, and marketing needs.

Call: 903-521-4183 or email for a free consultation and to request your free flowchart, I Just Finished Writing it; What do I do Now.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Janice Ernest, Publishing Mercenary, Virtual Assistant