Publishing/Marketing/Virtual Assist Services

As a Publishing Mercenary, I assist authors and others with jobs they need done, such as:

  • Critiquing their work.—-varies
  • Editing their finished work.—$4.00 – $6.00 Per double spaced page
  • Counselling on Marketing.—$50.00 for one hour consultation price arrangement made if need further meetings
  • Marketing Assist.—$50.00 for one hour consultation session, price arrangement for further meetings
  • Social Media Assist.—$50.00 for one hour consultation, $15.00/hour for continued posting and maintenance
  • Creation of Press Kits and Media Sets–$500.00
    • includes Bio, Products or Books, Logo if needed, Mission Statement, Services available, Contact information, Full Color, with 1 Generalized Press Release
  • Press Releases—$30.00 for the release, then $5.00 for the follow up call and call ahead reminder about your meeting/interview.
  • Beta Read of final manuscript with two reviews—$50.00, you will receive two honest reviews
  • Publication of their finished written works.
    • Format—$250.00
    • Place on Create Space and Kindle $400.00, includes ISBN, Copy write, and Library of Congress Number (other companies on request with varied fee)
    • If you wish to submit to traditional or other publisher, I can help with this. I will prepare the manuscript for publisher along with query letter, in this publishing package.— $100.00-$300.00

I charge a fee for my services but I do not take the writers’ royalties. I will help them to bring their work to market and aide them in setting up their own publishing shelf with Create Space. If they need other outside assistance, such as a typist, or an artist, I will work to help them find a good fit for them.

Each of my services is charged at a different fee rate,  and a cafeteria style is used so that the client may pick and choose the items they need help with and they may select the time when they need service.

I do request 1/2 payment up front for service rendered. This is not refundable. The last half is due on completion of task.  It is not paid until I receive your manuscript for editing/critique/formatting. When Press Kit is begun, and then at finish of job. When printing package is begun and then at finish. When formatting is begun and when finished.

I would love to help you with your publishing, and marketing needs. Please call: 903-521-4183 for a free consultation and to request your free flowchart I Just Finished Writing it; What do I do Now.