Blog #2 Success Series Stepping Up and Stepping Out

If you read last week’s blogs by Nikki B. and myself, you saw the first steps you need to take to reach happiness and satisfaction.
Now that you’ve written down what would be your perfect day and your gifts and talents and hobbies, we can get down to the work.
When I first started the magazine WhileUWait, the learning curve was extreme. In order to produce a magazine, I had to have:
• Content
• Printing Knowledge
• A Printer
• An Artist
• Money
• Proper Equipment: computer, writing space, printer, ink
• A few articles and short pieces of writing
• At least, that is what I thought I needed to succeed. My only goal was to produce a magazine.
Within days of my decision to set out on this new magazine production pathway, I ran into difficulties. Without a plan, I was loosing control of where the project was going. My finances were being pulled into a whirlpool of loss. I did not know my competition, thus, I underestimated them. I needed more than the equipment with which I started, and I did not think to get some more education before I began. I jumped in with both feet. Being a breech birth in business was not pleasant. so much time and effort I could have saved by simply doing the following things:
1. Write down steps to get to my goal.
a. First, Large steps
b. Under each large step, write several measurable steps to get to the larger one.
Example: I will have three books published and on the market by the end of this year.
Small measurable goal: Between June 1, and September 1, I will complete writing one 55,000 word manuscript.
Smaller measurable goal: Everyday for the next ninety-two days I will write at least 600 words per day, for an accumulated total of 55,000 words by September 1.
2. Checking out the competition, or knowing what’s hot and what’s not.
a. I will go to the bookstore and the library and find out what’s selling or being checked out the most. Then seek out and fill the demand when found.
b. Learn from the competition. Leverage information from them that might help you succeed in your goals.
3. Write out a business plan for yourself.
a. What is your mission?
b. What is your message?
c. What is your brand?
d. Try to forecast your expenses and begin to set aside funds needed to drive your dream.
e. Plan now for setting up your platform and begin now to join Social Media as well as let people know you are on a project.
4. Now, start to do the work.
A lesson I learned in the magazine business was that it is much easier if you do the ground work I am speaking with you about today. Is it easy? No. Is there a magical fairy out there who will do it for you? No Will it take some work on your part? Yes.
But, as Matthew Loomis says, “Struggles are the fertile soil where seeds of greatness burst open and shoot upward toward the sun.”
Check out Coach Nikki’s blog this week and follow along. Answer the questions above in number 1., 2., and 3. In the meantime, leave a comment or question in the comment section at the end of this blog. Either Nikki or I will be glad to respond to you as soon as possible.
P.S. You may feel that we are getting off to a slow start, but hang in there, all of these steps have a purpose in you achieving your success.

Scroll down to the blue bordered Leave A Reply box at the bottom of the screen. Leave me a comment, Where are you on the pathway to getting what you want? What is your perfect day? What would make you really happy?

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