Joey and Rory Feeks song When I’m Gone. They are like The Gliders.

I love this song and this lovely couple. She passed away in 2013 of cancer, but what a legacy she left. Children, her smiles, her love, still lives in the heart of her family and friends. Joey, thank you for the difference you made in so many lives. On Kindle, the book The Gliders is about a man whose wife has passed away. He arrives at home and sits on the glider on the porch and rocks gently. He remembers times with his family and the love of his life. Life goes on, the cycle goes on. We go on. Please watch this and then take the time to go get The Gliders. May it bring you comfort, and reassurance that life does continue and each of us leaves a legacy. What will be yours?

Life: How Time’s Spent

“Come and sit by the bed would you? And bring a box of Kleenex; we’re going to need it.”  Her fragile hand reached out to me in the darkened hospital room, beckoning me nearer. Moonlight streamed in through the window, highlighting the white hair on her head and deepening the creases in her once beautiful face. I sat down beside her and handed her the box of Kleenex which she held close to her chest, as she
pushed the button to raise her head up. “I want to talk to you about something really important.”